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Subdivision in Wellington

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  • Subdivision in Wellington

    Hi there,

    I need some advice please
    I have a 721m2 section in Crofton Downs, it has double access to 2 streets and I have have legal right of way to both of them. Currently there is a 105m2 house on the section giving it 14.5% site coverage. With the slope and the section i'm sure I can subdivide and use the equity within the new section to build a house on the land?
    Can someone list the steps in order that I need to take and the approximate cost of this?

    Additionally, 1/2 of the current house is on stilts and has a clear flat section underneath it where I would like to build a self contained granny flat, say 45m2.
    Would this affect my ability to subdivide, noting that the granny flat would sit under the current dwelling so it would not increase the site coverage. If I was to pursue the granny flat first for cashflow purposes, what are the first steps I can take to get the ball rolling?

    Thanks for your time to reply

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    Complete the subdivision first, once you have two clear titles you can assess what is required to create the selfe contained granny flat - the info you've provided won't allow anyone to tell you if you can or can't proceed with the self contained unit.

    1) The starting point for sub d is to review council requirements - if you meet those

    2) you need to consider location of current services I.e storm water/sewage - if these are up hill from your proposed subdivided block you may find it cost prohibitive to complete the sub d. A quick check of GIS maps will give you an indication

    3) engage a land surveyor to provide you a feasibility (plan and estimates on costs) for the sub d that can also with with council (at a cost to you) to get your sub d completed or you can do it yourself


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      What Hype said.

      I would get a surveyor out there for an initial look if you're new at this. A couple of hours will save you a boatload of time for not much cost. There is a lot to consider when evaluating subdivisions and adding dwellings including surrounding terrain impact on you, and your proposed changes impact on them, driveways, turning lanes etc etc.
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        Thanks for the replies, any indication of cost of a surveyor for this?


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          Not a lot... Call one and ask for a quote.


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            You can send them your address and ask them to take a quick look online to see if it appears to be feasible and what the costs would be. When I checked this out recently (BOP) I got a quote with an indication that it would be fine. Not sure if Wellington is the same but I would be surprised if it isn't.
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