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Purchasing in Wellington post Earthquake

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    You could put in an offer with 2 days DD or lower your offer or something. PM me the details? I'll let you know what I think. I am not bidding this week for sure.
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      Originally posted by propertybuyingNZ View Post
      I'm looking to put in a tender in 2 days but I need to just a few hoops and even wondering if I shall bother.

      I have seen 2 properties what I quite fancied on numbers but was 100% sure will be snapped up and interest will be high, and then turned out these are still on the market. Makes me question the best approach. Probably let the tender fail and just put in an offer afterwards.
      Definitely with sunset clause just to keep the pressure on.
      wait a week longer... You have no reason to rush now... The tender process does one of 2 things

      1 - it finds the highest price for the vendor if there is a lot of interest/buoyant market
      2 - tells everyone that the interest isn't there

      This time it's no. 2 - you have the power in the negotiation from here... I've bought a few after deadline/tender for less than what was offered as part of the tender...

      PM me if you want to discuss.


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        Thanks guys, PM both of you in a sec.


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          The problem is there is just one supply point for electricity into the CBD, and its failure, though earthquake or fire, would black out the CBD and the southern and eastern suburbs, including the hospital.

          There is no back-up and a fix could take many weeks.
          The solution is to increase supply security (maybe a second entry point).

          Wellington Water has been also testing what levels of service could be sustained if the system was badly damaged, and the numbers aren't pretty:

          for the first seven days, we would have to fend for ourselves while damage was assessed.

          From 7-30 days, water would be connected to critical customers – Fire Service, hospitals, and rest homes – with others relying on water from collection points.

          After 30 days, home connections would begin, but the last may not happen for 90 days. Remember, these are targets, though the network is getting stronger every day.

          These issues present serious challenges, and we must meet them head-on.
          Ratepayers must be prepared to play their part for better resilience if they want minimal disruption.

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