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Has anyone had experience with self contained cabins?

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  • Has anyone had experience with self contained cabins?

    I'm interested in the small move on cabins which come with bathroom and kitchenette and to hear anyone's experiences who have bought them to rent out. My understanding so far in Akld is that you can have a 10m2 sleepout without consent and the larger ones with kitchen/bthrm need to be on wheels so the count as 'caravans' and don't require building consent.
    Would anyone recommend a particular company or share their experiences in renting one out?
    many thanks

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    Following - I've looked at this for a couple of properties I own but haven't pulled the trigger yet. You're correct on the 10m2 rule, you can also lease them if you want to try before you buy. Maxine from our team is building a MD on one of her properties and will also add a cabin next to it to get a 3rd BR (I think).
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      I wonder how these 10sqm cabins are connected to wastewater? Don't we need consent for such connections?

      Otherwise, if it is self-contained with portable toilet like in motorhomes, I suspect it will be a continuous maintenance issue when rented out?


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        Q. Where does the waste from the plumbing systems go?

        A. The waste goes through a macerator pump that can pump up to 50 m and vertically 6 metres. It runs in a small flexible hose to the nearest gully trap or other sewerage drain

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          The 10 sq.m. cabins cannot have any sanitary fittings or potable water supply. As far as being on wheels, very much at the discretion of the local authority but I suspect will not be favourable.


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            the sewerage issue is always the biggest and least understood

            eg. we've all heard of self-contained campers

            but they're only self-contained for a couple of days

            then they need to unload

            where, when + how?
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              Mopod is the only company I have dealt with and they build their cabins on site in Onehunga and rent them out - they have only just recently moved into building them for sale. But yes because they are on wheels you can buy them with as little as 0% deposit if you are a home owner already. And it is as quick and easy as a car loan.
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