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One of those high moisture houses

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  • One of those high moisture houses

    Hi Guys,

    I have one of these in my portfolio and thought I would improve it a bit, and was wondering what would you spend about $3k on to eliminate moisture as much as possible?

    Its already fully insulated top and bottom, single glazed 3 bed house, 1910, heat-pump heating, sun only reaches it a few hours a day, there is a skylight added in the kitchen to get more light in. Any further ideas are much appreciated. Thinking of HRV at the moment, as nothing better comes to my mind.

    Thanks much!

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    Shower dome if you can. Dehumidifier.


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      Shower doom great idea, thanks.

      I have an issue with dehumidifier, it needs to be supervised by he tenant (turned on, water emptied, etc, etc)
      or is there an automated system? in the loft space for example, removing water from the house to dispose to the water drains?


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        I think you were on the right track with a ventilation system like DVS, HRV, Smartvent, etc. Though a friend just had one installed by an approved installer who made a mess of it. First he installed the main unit directly above a bedroom. After several complaints he moved it over the bathroom where he accidentally tore the bathroom extractor pipe so when the ventilation system ran it was pumping all the moisture from the bathroom around the house. He refused to fix it so they had to make several more complaints to the manufacturer before they sent someone around to fix it properly. Now it's working well.


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          Yes to shower dome and a ventilation system. VS can take a few months to be fully effective (maybe dehumidifier meantime) but is cheap to run. Needs filters changed regularly (annually more or less); the no name brands on Trademe are a lot cheaper than the name brands.

          Can get dehumidifiers which are connected to the drain. No point in putting the unit in the ceiling space though.


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            Unovent seems suitable for your propoerty.
            Inexpensive to run, and tenant-proof.