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Is the Governement changing its stance on Auckland housing?

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  • Is the Governement changing its stance on Auckland housing?

    In the last 24 hours we have had John Key say that he wants Auckland house prices to fall, and had Nick Smith say Auckland house prices are "out of control" and that the government is considering changes to immigration policy to try and help take the heat out of Auckland.

    Is the Governement finally deciding that the spiralling Auckland prices are actually going to cost them votes? Will we see some broad new measures enacted before the election?

    Being the cynic I am, If I were National I would wait until April to enact any changes, that way there is no way to see if they actually work or not before the election arrives.

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    Shonkeys' polling obviously shows that this is a bigger issue so he acts.


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      I heard on RNZ 4 AKL Mayor elects battling it out with Guy on immigration and housing. Vic Crone, Phil Goff scored 8/10. Hard to see Goff not winning and he's a spender so that will be interesting - as many have said it will mean higher rates to fund his spend up. If he can kick some goals before the Election it will strengthen Labour's chances of getting in aye.


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