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Subdivision and Relocation of house

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  • Subdivision and Relocation of house

    Currently exploring the idea of relocating a house on some land for a home

    When you have a house and it can be subdivided

    1) How much does it cost approx to subdivide a property with everything ready to go? drainage, council costs etc

    2) How much does it cost approx to buy a home and place it on the section and get everything hooked up?

    3) Is there a planner or home relocation company people would recommend?

    4) Who has done this before and what has your experience been like?

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    1. Varies by council GREATLY. Where is the land.

    2. Figures I looked at 6 months ago were $20-50K purchase, $20-30K transport to rest on piles, $30-50K reno after, $3K geo (do this first) and council fees vary depending on where it is and where services currently go up to. Suggest you get a surveyor to do a feasibility study.

    3. Auckland? Wellington? Stewart Island? The relocatable house company has a good name (Akl, BOP) and I know 2 people there. It's a little bit up there in prices but provides more of an end-to-end service. I can get a name in Wellington for you. There are several companies elsewhere who will do parts of the service. If you want to save on cost you can line up all the roles yourself and manage it. I wouldn't try to save on the up-front geo and surveying however.

    4. I know someone who did the DIY approach and while they found it hard they battled through. They now work for the Relocatable House Company (Kim Wilson) so something must have gone well.
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      How long would it take from start to finish? Roughly?


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        It would be in Auckland

        Ideally someone else would project manage it

        Finance for sections. Is it right that you need 50% to buy section and need to pay for house and council costs out of your own pocket or do banks normally fund this?


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          You have to fund it unless you have revolving credit or other security. A bank won't lend you money for a house that you don't own and is sitting on somebody else's property. If you have RC or other property then the bank can use that until you get sign COC on the relocate.


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            Relocatable house co have a good name if you want more specific information.
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