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  • Granny Flat Advice Need


    I have a place in Papakura under contract, the details:

    • Slopping section
    • Single storey with four bedrooms and two bathrooms
    • Garage is under the house built into the hill where the land slopes away
    • The garage is accessed via and internal stairwell to the house.
    • The garage has a toilet, shower, plumbing etc

    What do I need to do to turn this into a legal granny flat? My understanding is that I would need a seperate secure entrance to the area, a door between the two tenancies lockable from the garage side, and to put in a kitchen. Is that correct? Any help here much appreciated.


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    Originally posted by holmc View Post
    What do I need to do to turn this into a legal granny flat?
    In short, about $150,000.


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      Hi Elguapo,

      Thanks for that - I would get $12,000 in rental, so not a bad yeild on $150,000. The question is, is it a gauranteed thing - or would Council likely reject it...? And (in short) what's involved?



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        Firstly you need to confirm a minor dwelling is possible in Papakura, not sure if the same rules apply.

        You will need to get someone to design it to comply with all the requirements for outside space/parking etc, including the required intertenancy walls/ceiling, then apply for consent. You may need a fire report and acoustic report too, it's not an easy process at all.

        There is a good thread somewhere by bluekiwi about the fun he had getting a conversion legal.

        I think you would find it a simpler process to get a separate building as a minor dwelling than converting the downstairs, assuming the site works. It's likely to be cheaper too. Use the downstairs to maximise the return on the main dwelling without going to a lot of consenting costs.


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          Step 1 talk to the Papakura planner to see if possible at all. The current guy is really good. If yes, then I would get building inspector Iain Wallace to come and look. He worked for council for years and will be able to tell you pretty much exactly what is required and if it is worth doing.

          Then you can make a fully informed decision.


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            Make sure you know what you are asking for;

            if you say 'granny flat' then this is for granny/or flatmates who belong to the same household. It has to be under the same ownership and management. ($12,000)

            internal access means you can demonstrate part of the same family/household. but even if you don't this is surmountable

            Dont talk locked doors although I think grandma is entitled to privacy?

            ask the wrong question and you will get the wrong answer.

            if a minor dwelling this is a legal flat able to be rented independently of the main house but then it needs its own living courts and parking (perhaps) (cost including fire and sound separation $150k)

            The unitary plan allows for something without parking...
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              Do some homework yourself .. planners like it if you have at least made an attempt to inform yourself. Look up Papakura District Plan on the Internet. Look at the planning maps to establish which zone you are in .. Most of the Residential Zones allow 2 dwelling units per lot. Look at the permitted or controlled standards that you will need to meet in terms of site coverage, parking, yards, etc etc. Then you can go talk to a planner and builder etc.