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Bishopdale, Christchurch

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  • Bishopdale, Christchurch

    Would anybody please be able to comment on what the Christchurch suburb of Bishopdale would be like for having a rental property please.

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    What are you looking for in the question?
    Ask a PM what the area is like.
    Have a look around and see what it looks like.


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      I'd say it would be pretty good. Middle of the road suburb. I'd happily have a property there (I don't but I do have one in Burnside which is fairly similar)


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        Sharon at the Melville Quinovic office is a sharp operator if you want some advice.

        All the as is where is stuff being rented makes it a bit hard right now from what I hear. I guess if you were on the ground there it would be clearer.
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          Thanks guys.
          I asked the question as my daughter and partner are from Wellington however will be in Christchurch for the whole of next year.
          They are looking to buy a property to live in and then to rent out when they return to Wellington in early 2017.
          They don't know Christchurch that well and simply wanted to have feedback to the question as they were interested in a property in Bishopdale.
          I see in the latest Property Investor mag a feature on Christchurch.


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            I think the EQC stuff makes it hard in the short term. Very complex buying process. I know a ChCh investor who worked for a while as a agent, could put you in touch to get an idea? Shoot me a PM with your email if that would be helpful. Rents have gone down a shade there but it's a massive city with tons of investment.

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              Hi nick, I have sent a PM.
              Cheers, Brian


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                Hi Kirwee

                Bishopdale is a fantastic family-friendly location with good schools nearby (especially Cotswold ave school),It is 10 mins drive to the Airport and 15 to City Centre,There are plenty of good shops and cafes nearby aswell as Northlands shopping centre.For a nice tidy 3 bedroom home you would be looking at $450 ish P.w. Rents in Christchurch have cooled down and are back to normal levels Post E.Q but i don't see you having any trouble finding good tenants for a tidy property..

                Also as you are probably aware Bishopdale is on the North west side of Christchurch so came out of the earthquakes relatively unscathed.Land is generally rated TC-2 which will give you no dramas in trying to obtain insurance.

                Feel free to get in touch if you need to know more


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                  Hi Kirwee, PM you yesterday. some parts of Bishopdale got hammered by the EQ and are zoned TC3. There are power pylons around stackhouse ave and normandy st. Cotswold primary is I think around a decile 9 and Bishopdale primary around 2, isleworth primary is 6 or 7.


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                    Check out landcheck.co.nz to find out details of land rating on properties,Yes there are pockets of TC-3 properties in Bishopdale(like alot of suburbs in Christchurch)but it's safe to say it is on the better side of town in terms of being earthquake affected.

                    Also like most suburbs there are areas that are better than others,Areas around the pylons are reflected in Price.


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                      Hi Nick G and Chewbucca,
                      Thanks for your PMs, the information provided has been valuable.
                      As of today the house hunting has been put on hold as the family is to congregate in Hawkes Bay for the birth of a new family member.
                      Looks like the house hunting will have to take a back seat until mid January.
                      Thanks to everyone who has commented on the thread.