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Builder needed on the north shore for basic property inspections

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  • Builder needed on the north shore for basic property inspections

    Can anyone recommend a builder on the north shore who might be happy to do basic verbal property checks for a set price or perhaps by hourly rate?

    We've spent a lot of money on full building inspections over the last 6 months, only to be outbid at every single auction we go to. Rather than continue to fritter away our deposit on full inspections for properties we're probably not going to win, we'd really just like to find local builder who can check the basics for us.

    Most people know a builder they can ask, but unfortunately we're not originally from Auckland so don't have that many contacts here.


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    Forgot to mention, it's quite urgent


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      If its got eaves and built around 1960 to 1975 out of brick or wood thats probably good enough.
      Have a look underneath and see if you can see rotten wood or water coming through.
      If earth backed on to house then smell for damp.

      And your pretty much done

      But Mike in Torbay on 09 4739384 has checked out houses for me in the past.

      He will have a gander and see if there is anything major sticking out.

      Whats the address, if its my house I am selling, then I can you its a good un


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        Jump up and down in the bathroom and see if you fall through is another test I use.


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          Private Message me I have a friend who might help