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Has anyone worked with A1Homes?

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  • Has anyone worked with A1Homes?

    Has anyone worked with this builder? Or know someone who worked with them?
    I've gotten good feedback about them and tried to look for complaints but I have yet to see one. With other builders I have checked, its easy to look for complaints, one even has a Facebook thread mainly for complaints with matching pictures!

    Thank you once again!

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    A1 homes franchise so you could be getting any Tom, Dick or Harry as a builder and they all run their franchises differently.
    My parents have built 2 as kit sets and had no problems, dad was the builder. I worked in Mangawhai and the North Shore franchise went belly up about 2007 due to the way it was run, I believe.
    The build and the finish of the house depends on the skill of the builder.
    I would make sure that my builder held the DBH Site 1 licence and would ask for references of his other builds. I would drive by the houses and I would make contact with the owners.
    Don't believe everything you read on the website, No More Cowboys for example allow competitors to post shitty comments about another contractors work. If the comment is not verified (false) then it stays there for ever and a day. Unfortunately there is no site to comment on No More Cowboys!!


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      Hi Meehole, thanks for the very useful advice. I will take note of this and do more in-depth research.