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What Insurance & Which Company?

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    Sorry can't help with insurance but your cat has had me giggling for the last 5 minutes

    Its so cool


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      Phone around, you may find that some of the more obsure ones are ok. For instance I have just used Wrightson Aon, as they were $300 dollars cheaper than the next one.
      Depends where property is too, as to the different companies ie - different parts of Auckland vs rural Southland.


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        I just rang around. Aon is indeed the cheapest one.

        And yeah... I like the cat too ^^
        Pumpkin King.



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          Insurance for PI


          Who do you use for insurance on your buy & hold propertys?


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            Tower Insurance plus Rentsure for one; the other is with AA.


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              Vero via Wilkinsons Insurance Brokers in Wellington.




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                Oceanic Insurance and Sun Direct.

                See a trend? Everyone is different. I think it is just best to price around and compare prices and excess values.


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                  What Insurance & Which Company?

                  We have had a couple of insurance policies come up for renewal.
                  The lovely people at State have upgraded us from House only to their
                  new 'Landlord' policy accompanied by a 100% increase in the premium.
                  (from $330 to $670 pa)
                  I have asked them to go back to 'House only' which has been increased by 30%.

                  I can see the advantages in the extra cover, but I was interested to know
                  just what others are paying for Landlord insurance cover, and whether it
                  would be a good idea to change insurers.
                  (we have a total of 9 policies with them incl. IP's, PPOR, contents, cars etc.)

                  Any feedback would be appreciated.


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                    Have you made a few claims? They don't usually put it up by that much.

                    We have a similar policy through through National bank (state as well), was only a few bucks extra for the extra landlord thing.

                    I would shop around if I was you. We got a quote from AMI which was a little better, but not worth the hassle of changing.
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                      It wouldn't cost you anything to ring up AMI and ask them for a quote. We use them for out rental properties and they seem quite competitive last time I checked


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                        I have my policies with AMI after shopping around and finding no one better.
                        The service is good and the staff eficient.

                        Woudn't touch State with a barge pole after a bad experience a few years ago.

                        (isn't that a good ad)


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                          thanks I'll try AMI

                          I have not had any claims, they actually include a no claims discount of 40%


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                            One needs to recall that State is an ex-government
                            department, with a mentality that goes with the dark
                            ages. I'd agree with RM - avoid them at all costs.


                            Thought about using a broker? I've got disillusioned
                            with my insurer, especially after the agent claimed
                            (I kid you not!) that it was a legal requirement for
                            the company to make a false statement in their
                            renewal proposal!

                            My view is that insurance companies are now as
                            bad - if not worse - than the IRD. Trust them as
                            far as you can throw the beehive.
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                              I think State have moved on to a new computer system and hence have made a lot of changes to people's policies.

                              I changed from State because I didn't like the pricing and they have clauses in the policy that call for things like a compulsory three month inspections. I believe it is good practice to inspect every three months but didn't want to invalidate my policy if it wasn't done for some reason.

                              Went to QBE via Hutchinson Rodway - so far they have been very good with two claims we have had to make.



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                                I went with a broker for all our personal insurance (Lindsay at Futureproof Life) but stayed with AMI for houses as they seemed to have comprehensive cover at realistic prices.. from memory the Tenant Insurance was around $40 / mth.

                                They're great to deal with, super efficient and after comparitive reviews over the last 10 years i really don't think i'd change from them.
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