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  • Newbie's In New Plymouth

    Hi Everyone ,

    This is an amazing site such helpful people and information we are on our way have purchased our first home at 275K with a valuation of 310K and its a house that we can add alot of value through renovations , have already done some improvements but still alot to go.We are currently in the process of talking to our morgtage broker to work on getting our first IP exciting stuff.

    Question is are there many people from New Plymouth on here ? wanting to meet up with people that we can learn from trying to surround ourselves with like minded people rather than the drop kicks we used to hang out with

    Have been reading books and posts on here.We have been trying to go to the property investor meetings but with my work I havent
    been able to attend we are a young couple in our 20's with a child.We are keen to learn anything and everything


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    Not from New Plymouth but sometimes would like to be. I hope you surf.

    Sounds like you are on the right track being in your 20's and looking for the right advice. I think you will do well. Good luck.


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      Hi there,I am from NP and have one IP there, but currently live overseas. Are you looking for IP in New Plymouth, or elsewhere? The last few years I've found NP house prices and rental levels to not really match from an investment point of view. I ended up buying in Auckland instead (2011).Still feel like a newbie, still learning, although I've been reading and involved in property for about 10 years now!Sorry I can't meet you for an actual coffee... but don't mind communicating online. You would have more luck finding people at the PIA meetings - I attended one or two meetings and found some interesting contacts there.Good luck!


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        I'm not from NP either, but can offer advice to anyone. Ensure you have an incredibly good budget laid out. I've just helped a friend who paid too much for his property and has invested quite a bit doing it up thinking that he would suffer less loses if he did so(poor budgeting). He has another 10 years of capital growth that may or may not happen to wait before he has hope of seeing any returns, all the while he could be invested in something returning a decent yield doing no work to it. Fortunate for him is he lives in it as well as renting out rooms and doing the work himself, so the lose is mitigated somewhat.


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          Hi, nice to see you along tonight. Hope you enjoyed what Martin had to share. See you along again, Mark and Angela


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            Hi Mark and Angela ,

            Thanks for the warm welcome we really enjoyed it.Martins talk was awesome so inspiring hope to see yous next month

            many thanks