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Advice on Property Investment Analysis Software???

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  • Advice on Property Investment Analysis Software???

    Hi guys,

    I'm a new investor and I would really appreciate if anyone can make a recommendation regarding property investment analysis software. I'm looking for something that is free and can display cash flow, appreciation, works in NZ and the US, and generally makes it easy to compare properties. It would be great if it had a printable format that I could take to show lenders.

    I would be grateful for any help that you guys could offer.


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    I dont think you'll get software as such, but you should find spreadsheets on google or even excel.

    If you cant find anything I would suggest working from first principles so you understand what you are going to display to the bank.


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      Property Analyser software / Spreadsheets:

      Welcome for the Forum JoeA,

      You can find a free Property Analyser software / Spreadsheets: Cash Flow & Equity 10 Years Analysis, Portfolio Summary Report, Property Acquisition, Subdivision Costing on this website:

      Click the link in my signature - but you need to sign up as site user. you can also save them to your profile.

      Currently there are 2 main spreadsheets available, within the next few weeks the rest are going to be add.

      I hope that helps.
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        I've bought dozens of properties (buy & hold) over the past 15 years but never once used Property Investment Analysis Software. I just add up the current and potential annual rent, and divide it by proposed purchase price to work out the yeild. Then make sure outgoings are proportional to the value of the property. No software is going to tell you how much a property is going to appreciate by, and you hardly need software to multiply the purchase price by 1.04 to work out possible future appreciation.

        I'm of the opinion that nearly all of the things that determine whether a property investment is "good" or not, can not be factored in to "software". I mean you could buy a place 23% under RV, with a 12% gross and 9% net yeild and the software would say it is a good deal. But if it's on a busy road, with leasehold land, in an undesirable location, far from amenities, high vacancies, deferred maintenance, no sun, no views, and crap tenants, then what does your software tell you about it after knowing all that info?

        Maybe I'm just old-school, but I've only ever used the top 2 inches to analyse a deal. I don't mean to say the software is a waste of time/money or not useful to some people, just that the output of what a program tells you should be a very small determining factor.

        Anyone else out there shun analysis software?!


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          What spurner said and damage too!!!



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            Use Excel, and build the spreadsheet and work out the equations yourself. It makes you REALLY think about the numbers, and it also makes you somewhat bulls**t proof if some slick salesman tries to game the numbers and mislead you.

            More work upfront, but it makes you a better investor in the long run.


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              I agree with Spurner.

              Basically you have to know if a deal is a good deal or not. If you don't know, then a piece of software won't help. Thsi comes from experience I'm afraid, you just have to get out there and have a go.

              I just use a very basic spreadsheet where I add in the purchase price and rent of the new place. By adding in the new rent and the new mortgage payments I can see how much my cash flow would go up or down. And by changing the borrowing percentage I can see how things would look if interest rates went to 10% say.
              Squadly dinky do!


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                Me too.
                The only person who recommended buying special software was Phil Jones who was trying to flog off his product for about $1000.
                The basic flaw was it needs you to predict the inflation rate for the future.
                This is impossible therefore the software projections can't be trusted.
                All you can do is feed the current financials into a spreadsheet to calculate the yield for today.


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                  Just plug the numbers into excel and make your own spreadsheet. The better you know the numbers the more informed your decision will be. google "free excel tutorials" if stuck

                  @Bob Kane not surprised at phil jones special software recommendation in the slightest


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                    It's just another thing the spruikers sell.

                    They have the board games, the dvds, the books, mentoring courses, the forex trading platforms, the options trading software and so this is just all part of that.

                    So many people went to a RichMastery (or similar) event and left $10k poorer. The gullibility of people out there is astounding.
                    Squadly dinky do!


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                      I've had a Google the other day and the best i could find was here


                      just click on the Free Investment Property calculator - its in Excel, very flexible, all rates can be changed, say if you borrowing in NZ change rate to 5.6% in AU 7.2% etc. In terms of NZ AUD or US i'm sure you can use online currency converter, calculations don't change no matter what currency you use. I found this was all I needed for fairly detailed assessments. Most RE agents use simple versions of the same calc.

                      Unfortunately this excel spreadsheet is locked, I've tried to break the password to edit it to better reflect my needs but failed. Perhaps someone here can help with that.



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                        Thanks guys

                        Hi Guys,

                        Thanks for your advice and hard work on this one. I think you probably saved me a pile of money here. I did find an excel spreadsheet from another user on this site which I modified and which seems to work quite well. I'll post it up here if possible. These forums are a great resource for newbie's like myself. Thanks again.