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3 outstanding building consents...

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  • 3 outstanding building consents...

    hi all,
    looking at a small inner city apartment in AK. that was offices but has been converted into tiny apartments. either built or converted in 2002

    council records show it has 3 outstanding building consents

    1. internal alterations
    2. plumbing alterations
    3. stage 1 structural and hydraulic issues relating to the additions of 5 new apartments

    it's the last 1 that concerns me

    is "stage 1" a big problem or a small problem, does "hydraulic" here mean something to do with machinery like a lift or could it mean water under pressure, ie leaks???

    i could order the building records on CD for $70odd bucks...

    BC minutes don't seem clear of any mention of any of them...
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    Hydraulic in this context usually refers to stormwater runoff. Usually new additions mean new roofed areas so has to be catered for by detention tanks. As far as what Stage 1 refers to, anybody's guess but as it refers to structural issues, best to investigate further & contact your friendly structural engineer for clarification.


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      Have to say Apartments can be a nightmare without these issues so unless they are really really cheap why go there? Plus of course looking at on-selling, most Banks won't touch them thus limiting your buyers?
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        It was probably a staged building consent, i.e. multiple stages. And stage 1 was not signed off, so presumably not the rest either.
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