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struggling to get address from agents...

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  • struggling to get address from agents...

    Hi all,
    What are your thoughts on agents who refuse to give you the address on a property they are selling via email?

    I can understand why they might want to deal with buyers face to face, or even over the phone but with so many properties on the market I'd rather filter 100 properties down to 5 before making phone calls.

    Do you think they are acting responsibly to their duties to the seller by refusing to pass on address information to people who request it?
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    That may be the vendors instructions, if so then they are doing what they are legally required to do.


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      Ask them why they won't give it!
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        They have said they don't want me knocking on the door and bugging the tenants about the property.....

        but with some agents it seems to be the same thing again and again, even when the property is advertised as vacant

        1 pic only, very vague address and that's all you get unless you speak to the agent concerned

        i've got hundreds of properties to filter through and i don't want to make 100 five minute phone calls to find out which ones interest me

        is placing conditions on requests for such basic sales information is a legitimate sales technique?
        have you defeated them?
        your demons


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          Find better agents. These ones are lazy.


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            yeah just stick to your guns and insist, if they have been asked by the vendors not to disclose they will tell you.

            Rebecca tells me I am a little bolshy, it certainly works though when agents tell me they won't give out the address. It also works when agents tell you they can't tell me the address of the property because the listing agent is out.....he he he... one just told me that last week, that lasted about 2 minutes and I had the info I wanted.


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              Having worked as a RE Agent for a short persiod of time I can tell you that some agencies tell their sales staff not to reveal the address on some properties. There could be a number of good reasons for this such as that it could be a general listing so they don't want the business going to another agency. Or it could be, as in the case when I was working in the industry that they want their agents to get the punters into the sales office and in a car to view properties. Unless there is a good reason I reckon it just annoys buyers and puts them off.


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                Without question. I just can't be bothered with anyone who won't be upfront.


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                  Tell them what you do - they r not lazy - just not informed


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                    thats the puppy kerry. The ones I have dealt with tend to come around once you chat to them about what you do


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                      Of course another solution is to move on to the next property on your list. You'd think agents who are struggling to make sales at the moment would be more receptive to a prospective sale.


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                        As someone who was a REA for 15yrs I feel I can add some learned comment to this discussion.

                        Where the market is at the moment I would have thought that all REAs should only be too happy to give out street addresses with the hope of a sale.

                        BUT this is not always clear-cut. Yes there are vendors who do not want their addresses given out for drive-bys(and they will be sneeky and ring up to try it out!) but I would not think that would be so at the moment - and if so I wouldn't be bothering with them (as an investor) as they are obviously not motivated - so no bargin there.

                        There is also the position of sitting tenants. Where this is the case it is often company policy not to give out adresses. If they are disturbed there can be serious consequences - and some of these naughty investors think nothing of knocking on doors even though they have been asked not to - you know the old story of a few spoiling it for the many!

                        Now having said all that, if it was me at the moment, I would give out the address for an exclusive or a general.I would not be concerned about someone buying my general listing off someone else - there are ways and means of finding out who introduced the buyer to the property and in my experience very few get away with it(can cause heaps of problems though!

                        I would make sure I had their name and phone number and give them a follow-up call back - probally the next day.

                        I would not give out an address where there was tenants - UNLESS - as mentioned above they had told me what they were doing - investor, property finder etc. and I felt I could trust them not to knock on the door.

                        Hence the importance of telling the REA who you are and what you do - also building up a strong relationship with a REA in several companies. Also when you have an REA who trusts you they will often ring you with deals (you know - those ones up their sleeves) before they are officially listed.

                        Treat them nicely - tell them what you are doing - and you have them eating out of your hand. You have no idea how many investors are rude and curt on the phone and then wonder why they are not getting any info. - politeness gets you everywhere. REAs are human too and have 'bad' days, sick children etc. - they are only trying to earn a living like everyone else.