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  • Let them eat cake

    Government BMW fleet in a class of its own
    By HANK SCHOUTEN - The Dominion Post | Monday, 28 April 2008

    The Government's new fleet of luxury BMW limos has been officially wheeled out - and the first official passenger is Singapore president Sellapan Ramanathan Nathan.

    One in four fear pinch on housing
    By TRACY WATKINS - The Dominion Post | Monday, 28 April 2008

    One in four Kiwis are worried that they will not be able to pay their rent or mortgage during the next 12 months.
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    So while the rest of the country struggles to pay there mortgage the Polly's cruise around in new luxury cars at the publics expense.

    Now where is the fairness in that?


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      From the sounds of it, they got a good deal (though why they dont disclose I am not sure).

      it is also an image thing. You can have a visiting head of state crusing around in a jap import with cut springs and a big exhaust.

      At least we dont have an "air force one", armoured cars, and all that other [email protected]


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        I understand

        the bimmer turbodiesels are very economical for the kW output they're getting (I know 120d 2l TD engine is an absolute miser offering great performance esp. torque-wise, and I'd imagine its bigger 3l brother is not much worse), and I also understand they got a much better deal on that bulk BMW purchase then average buyers do. Hardly much more expensive than the flash Holdens meant to be an alternative. Also, wouldn't you rather present yourself in a German car than in an Australian one?


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          Hmm seems they might not have consulted their PR department. A fleet of perceived "luxury" cars for politicians use, in an election year, with tax cuts being put off again for the hoi polloi... not very endearing eh.
          two ears and just one mouth.. for good reason.


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            A monument to their egos?

            There are thirty four of these luxury stretch BMW's which is roughly one car for every three parliamentarians.

            I would have no problem if they had ten such luxury cars who needs thirty four?

            They ask us for moderation and restraint- I see little of that in their actions.

            While hundreds of thousands of Kiwis groan under the weight of higher food, fuel, and interest costs, not to mention higher rents, and rapidly increasing mortgagee sales, this lot pleasure themselves spending other peoples money.

            Sorry. Not convinced .
            OllyN [email protected]
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              Providing suitable transport for VIP's and visiting dignitaries is hardly "pleasuring oneself".

              What next, swap Bellamys for a McCafe?!


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                Come on Spurner what politician feeding from the gravy train would demean themselves and go to a McCafe?

                And while we are about it
                what politician knows the actually price for a 2l bottle of Anchor Blue Top
                the price for a loaf of Quality Bakers toast bread?

                Hopefully some of them will know by the time the General Election comes around.

                And ....do we still need 120 MPs?
                "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx


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                  Supposedly one of the issues around the world and possibly here is Governments are being run by the Rich (not sure if this is the case here in NZ yet) but it is evident elsewhere insofar as tax cuts benefit the rich etc., health care and retirement schemes are crap and so with the Rich running the show we lose our middle class and become a 2 class society (rich/poor).

                  With the top government positions filled with 'rich' people their drivers are to protect the rich.....umm and the rich need nice cars!

                  I am reading: "Why We Want You To Be Rich" by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyoskai and its a scary read for those of us that are not in the 'rich' class as only alternative is the 'poor' class and that is not a good alternative!


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                    Originally posted by CJ View Post
                    From the sounds of it, they got a good deal (though why they dont disclose I am not sure).
                    I think it was $90kish, or around half price.

                    The problem facing NZ is we've forced ourselves into a corner now whereby we've made our government way too important and involved in our day to day life, and by their very nature, governments are inefficient and convoluted. There's compliance costs for this, taxes for that, and a huge infrastructure of state services which show no signs of improvement regardless of the amount of money thrown at them. I'm really struggling to see the benefits the last 9 years have brought us despite the government's proclamation of successes:
                    - Unemployment is down, but we've more people dependent on the state for survival than ever before.
                    - We've net migration, however we've lost 10s of thousands of skilled workers overseas. These have been replaced largely by unskilled labour or skilled labour who's qualifications aren't valid here.
                    - We've doubled our health spend, yet our health system is no better.
                    - Our overall crime is down, yet violent crime is up, and we lead the OECD in the proud statistic of killing our young

                    And so on, and so on. I'd feel better about the current regime getting booted out, however the alternative party is now so close to Labour in most policies I can't see there being any significant improvement.


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                      It's here and it's ugly

                      Tax cuts mean poor get poorer - report
                      Monday, 28 April 2008

                      Green MP Sue Bradford said some 20 per cent of children were living in poverty, fundamentally because of the economic policies of the 1980s and 1990s.

                      Her fear was that the growing crisis in food prices and the housing market meant a new generation of children, and adults, would begin to sink into a life of "food and housing insecurity and every-growing debt".

                      read the whole article:

                      OllyN [email protected]
                      Independent Property Consultant
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                        When Sue raises the youth rate and the minimum wage, does she wonder why jobs are going overseas I wonder?

                        And I love how these politicians think 9 years isn't long enough to even partially correct the "mistakes" of previous governments. The government isn't going to fix what is essentially poor parenting.


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                          I doubt National is as close to Labour as people think. National have released almost no policy so far, as to do so would give Labour far too much time to pick it to pieces. Helen is a formidable opponent in election year, and giving her too much preparation time was a mistake made by both English and Brash.

                          I'd say they'll run a presidential style campaign around John Key, and release policy detail an the last couple of months, which I'd say will be clear and different to the status quo.

                          As for the cars, I agree with Olly, a dozen for visiting dignitories I can understand, 34 is ridiculous. Maybe it was a trade for our skyhawks.


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                            I have the answer to Sue Bradford's problem: If woman weren't paid to get knocked up, the 20% she refers to wouldn't exist, nor would most of the prison population.


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                              These inflationery pressures are only going to get worse for at least the rest of this year. 2009 is looking very very brittle for lots of Kiwis.

                              I think the big point here is that socialism looks like it will make a comeback, I feel sick even suggesting this, but history has shown that when this type of thing happens, socialsm is revived!!