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  • Option Agreements

    Hi, I have been searching threads for information about option agreements but haven't found a good expose' on the subject yet.

    Could someone give a rundown of what circumstances options are used in, some good ideas there would be great.

    At what point can option agreements be onsold. Are they onsold 'as is' or are they often onsold as package deal with the nomination agreement and finders fee payable leading onto the unconditional S&P agreement? I would imagine there would need to be quite a long option term, longer the better if onselling.

    On the subject of purchase price negotiation, when using an option do you negotiate the very best price at the start or often have to secure the option and price a little higher then renegotiate the price further into the option term depending what due dil reveals. Presumably the purchase price alteration is resigned by both parties in that case before nomination if assigning. If anyone could recommend a good thread on options please let me know.
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