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Work done on RTA - an update!

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  • Work done on RTA - an update!

    Hi All,

    We managed to get our hands on an update on the changes to the RTA - here it is


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    Supposedly, Ministerial speeches are a reflection, an
    accurate one, of government policy. So, the following
    extract from Comrade Commissar Cosgove's speech
    spin should be indicative:

    As you would expect, the Act requires tenants to pay their rent, to take reasonable care of the house they rent, and to give notice if they want to leave. In turn, landlords are required to maintain the house, allow their tenants quiet enjoyment and give reasonable notice if they want the tenants to leave.

    Landlords must give reasonable notice.
    Tenants only have to give notice. (of any sort)

    Tenants are required to take reasonable care of the
    rented house, but only have to pay the rent.

    But it seems any old time will do, as CCC doesn't say
    that it's government policy that tenants pay the rent
    in a timely fashion, as may be described in the RTA or
    any Tenancy Agreement.

    Those selectively used adjectives are a worry.