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Land details shift into cyberspace

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  • Land details shift into cyberspace

    Land details shift into cyberspace
    5:00AM Wednesday August 22, 2007
    By Anne Gibson

    Land Information NZ - the Government department which keeps a register of property ownership - is to close most of its offices to the public next year.

    LINZ has processing centres or offices which the public can visit in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin but from the middle of next year it will begin a gradual closure, and only keep open Hamilton and Christchurch.

    LINZ was to close all its offices, but yesterday said two would remain open to provide "residual" services.

    LINZ, which processes about 17,500 title and survey transactions a week, registers new titles, records changes of ownership or mortgages and provides copies of these records.

    But this information is going online by next year, after LINZ decided last year to ditch paper transactions in favour of an electronic database.

    LINZ processes information through its electronic Landonline system which is not available to the public. This system is used by lawyers, conveyancers, surveyors, territorial authorities and real estate agents.

    Dave Chowdhury, LINZ's senior communications adviser in Wellington, said only property professionals could subscribe to Landonline.

    Members of the public have been able to visit a LINZ office to inquire about property ownership, to view boundaries, investigate history and get other details, including whether any caveats are registered against a title. LINZ said the closure of public counters in most processing centres will get under way from July 1, 2008.

    Chowdhury said property inquiries from the public after the closures would have to be faxed or posted to LINZ, Wellington, and there would be a nominal charge for the information. Title searches will cost $4. It currently costs $7 to view a property document at a LINZ office.

    LINZ's website says people may also use LINZ's electronic ordering system - Skylight - which has an on-line ordering form.

    Chowdhury said there would be an announcement soon about other ways the public could access the system.

    Brendan Boyle, chief executive of LINZ, said: "Continuing to run both a paper and an electronic system is uneconomic and would be more costly for LINZ and our customers in the long run. Moving to a fully electronic system is the only way to realise the benefits of Landonline." "

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    Can someone help me. With the ongoing issues of names being left off records accessable from Terranet and QV it is getting harder and harder to find names.
    The stupid thing is that the names have always been left on titles and and these have always been available through Landonline.
    So if I want to keep getting names then I and others will need to access Landonline.
    The down of that is you have to pay $500 inital fee and an annual fee of $80.
    I wonder if it is possible to create a group or even subscribe to an existing group to gain access.
    I can put up with the $80 and $2 each search but the $500 is over the top.


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      Its interesting that before the new electronic registration system, if we had two directors, we could sign the transfer without the need of a witness and now we can't. It even has to be witness by a lawyer!!!!

      It made us change our way of doing things as our lawyer is in Wellington and we use to post documents to each other for signing.

      Not sure why the change when you would have thought a move to electronic registration should be aiming to make things simpler!!!



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        Hi John,

        I do electronic registrations with my solicitor in a different city - Hamilton (i'm in Auckland).

        I had to have signature witnessed by a JP only the first time, and every subsequent transaction has not required a witness.
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          Have you done one since the start of August? This is when my solicitor said the rules changed.



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            Originally posted by JohnL
            Have you done one since the start of August? This is when my solicitor said the rules changed.
            No, i'll check with my lawyer to see what they say about it.
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              My solicitor emails me docs to sign, I fax back. They have a copy of id's and signatures on file and we did quite a few transactions together - and most of them e-dealing.
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