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Why You Should Have Large House Address Numbers

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  • Why You Should Have Large House Address Numbers

    Hi there,

    It is obvious that there are many home owners that should read this article... ( ??? Guilty ??? ) .

    Have a good week

    "Carpe Diem"

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    Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning House Address Numbers
    Is Morgan Hamilton a self-appointed expert, or is there a HANINZ (House Address Numbers Institute of NZ) professional body to which he belongs?

    If I take Morgan's advice, and my tenants are therefore more able to track me down and abuse me for not supervising their 'going-to-bed-smoking-while-drunk habits', is their a HAN Ombudsman to whom I can complain.

    I look forward to the 3-day "Secrets of House Address Numbering" seminar, and if I may suggest some speakers to help keep everyone motivated:

    Madame Numero - 2 hours on "What your House Address Number Font says about YOU"

    Thomas W Owen (TWO to his mates) - a quick session on "Numerology and your neighbours"

    and of course, the irrepressible

    Tu Tree-Fore - an afternoon on "Colour combinations for your House Address Number and you letter box".

    I see that if I book early, I can get a copy of the exciting DVD "History of House Address Numbering in New Zealand" presented by Peter Jackson(*)

    I can't wait - the excitement is two much


    (*) Not THAT Peter Jackson, but the maths teacher from Mt Albert Grammer


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      I must admit an amusing article.
      I don't know about what he says but I'd say large numbers and if you can afford it nice ones with a nice letterbox makes all the difference to a house because it's the first thing a would be buyer sees.