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Repainting early 90s hardiplank cladding

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  • Repainting early 90s hardiplank cladding

    My cladding is early 90s hardplank with very course texture and had not been well kept, its very dirty/red mould on it.
    See photos

    Is anyone able to offer advice how to prep this to repaint?
    Dont want to waste my time and money painting if its not prepped right

    The texture makes me think sanding it will be very difficult. Do I just clean/scrub it as best I can?

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    Use a pressure cleaner/water blaster. 1500psi minimum or you'll be at it for ages (it'll take ages anyways). Hire one if necessary and try it without pre-treatment/spray product first.


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      Give it a sand as best you can to get the worse of it off. Waterblast the mould and dirt off. Or if time isn't an issue, spray some 30 second mould killer, let it do its thing then blast it off. No need for that though if your waterblaster has a decent amount of pressure and the right tip. Prep is everything so don't skimp on it. Good thing about Hardiplank is that its easy to paint. Nice wide boards and the texture means you don't have to get fussy with perfect stroke layoffs. If you don't own a sprayer, just get one those small rollers (we call them nook and cranny rollers) with a medium fuzz on it. Coupled with a small hand-held pot with a roller surface built into it, big enough to accept the roller. Makes painting almost a pleasure.


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        Does it contain asbestos? If so best proceed with caution and seek advice on how to prep to keep yourself safe.