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Skylight Woes

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  • Skylight Woes

    Below is an image of my finished skylight. It's a botched job in my view. Any suggestions for what has gone wrong? - I think that the contractor ordered skylight panes that were too large for the boxing and therefore the internal framing has been exposed.

    Although the contractor is an over-stretched and highly volatile character, I'm considering holding back the cost of the quote and skylight glass and requiring him to redo it within a reasonable time-frame -.e.g. a month. And then if not done, simply get another roofer to redo the work. There'll be drama and threats but so it goes.

    Any suggestions for a quicker easier option or any constructive comments are welcome. The contractor claims the flashing can't be sorted to cover this.


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    Hi CKD

    Please can you upload an image of your skylight or use a free service like https://imgbb.com/ to host the image and you just share its URL. Google drive needs a Google account.


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      Hey thank you for your reply and advice Donna.

      I've since had a good discussion with the tradie in question and he's offered a solution along with a lot of 'reasons' why it is like it was always going to look like it does. No matter, a way of making it look like it's meant to be has been arrived at.

      Will do as you suggest in future.