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    Morning all,

    Noticed this mbie document mentioned in the news article today it details the parameter for when a tiny home is not a tiny home, etc



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      The flowchart is reasonably helpful. Especially the "both immovable and occupied by people on a long term basis" explanatory box.

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        what isnt discussed is whether the building is a structure in the first place. The building act doesnt define this but the RMA does and states that it is a building f"ixed to land". This is also why vehicles are not buildings unless fixed to land buut MBIE dont get this or want to.

        They also obfuscate by discussing 'road legal' which is a red herring a vehicle is a trailer and doesnt have to be road worthy to be moveable. but just dont drive your tiny home down the raod at 90kph (as if).

        The test that makes a vehicle a building is immovable not how easy or legal it is to move.

        The guidance doc claims industry consultation but we know there wasn't any and this is clear.

        it has to be immovable and occupied permanently they left off the "AND"

        at this rate your caravan parked in the drive becomes a "building" when the WOF expires??