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  • subdivided property value


    May I know how can I find or calculate subdivided section values? I found a recently subdivided section for buying but no idea about value for tender.


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    That can be difficult. Qv used to have section sales however not now available. Some prices are available on trademe in ads but in most areas there are few and they vary a lot in size and quality.Most are developed as multiple small lots by a builder for their own use. Tender is unusual in Auckland and would normally be through an agent who might have some guidance. Although it was used at Grange Park I doubt that it would be a good way for most sellers as most buyers are not well-informed or are simply hoping for a steal. A simple guide is to take say 60% plus of the price of a new home of the sort you want in the same area and section size to put you in the ball park. You may have to allow for services and drive if it is a r.o.w. The other guide is selling prices for an existing house on a comparable site allowing 50k for demolition. You could try talking to owner once your expectations are clearer. PM me to discuss.