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Installation Costs - Aluminium Doors

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  • Installation Costs - Aluminium Doors

    We recently replaced our wooden doors in the lounge and kitchen with aluminium sliding doors, three in total including two double door sliders, and one three door slider and using a well known aluminium joinery company.

    The doors were about $8k and they quoted $2k for the installation. At the time we figured it best for the company that made them to install them also. I asked a friend whether he thought $2k was reasonable and they said it probably was.

    The installers, a team of two, finished the job in 6 hours. In hindsight the price we were quoted (and accepted) seems very high. It works out at $165 per hour per person, and they were not builders, just installers, so there were parts of the job they couldn’t do such as putting in additional supports and the exterior flashing and woodwork around the corners and headboard area.

    We needed to get a builder in before and after to prep the job and finish off the flashing and woodwork after they left. Six hours team labour for installation at $2k seems excessive, but because we agreed prior to, there likely isn’t much we can do about it. We didn’t know how long it would take them to do the job before we agreed. Did we get ripped off?

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    yes, u should have asked them about how much time they would need to fix ;in this country handy man earns a lot as end user lacks knowledge


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      But you should have made sure of the scope of work prior. Did their quote exclude the other work you describe?

      I would have expected "installation" to include everything?