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  • Rental agreement

    Hi all. My first post.....

    I've just terminated my contract with the rental agent and will be taking over the running of the rental myself in 2 weeks time. With all the recent changes in rental laws and the termination of the agent I will need a new agreement with the tenants. I wonder if anyone can help with this or point me in the right direction. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    As well, I rented the property to older parents and their 30 year old son lives with them. Father now deceased and now son currently on agreement in lieu of father. Can I/should I only put mother on new agreement in case of future problems?

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    best place to ask is tribunal ; they are very prompt in replying : most probably u will need to sign new agreement which u can download from website;last part depends on you and vendor as u need to recheck credentials n credit rating


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      Do you need a new agreement? Or just the change of landlord process


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        Thanks for your replies. Agent advised agreement stays in place so I've run with that.


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          You will be out of your depth. To ask questions such as yours indicate that you have a lot of learning to do. Not only by the book but real world learning. Stay here and read, read, read.
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            Thanks all. Change of landlord done and existing tenants kept under old agreement. They have been outstanding tenants so far with no problems since commencement of tenancy last 2 years and all running smoothly.