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Shifting a bathroom

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  • Shifting a bathroom

    Hi there,
    1. I am wanting to shift the exisiting bathroom (it only has a sink and shower cubicle) to a separate room (which currently is the laundry room). The new bathroom will also only have a sink and shower cubicle. Do I need council approval for this?
    2. The laundry room (which will be the new bathroom with only sink+shower cubicle) currently has the electric swithboard in one of its walls. Would I be able to close opening of the switchboard, keep it in its current place and expose the opening to the otherside on the wall (which is a bedroom) without major rewiring?

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    if u are moving any services best place to seek a reply is council to be on the safer side; most probably as u are changing services location u may need consent from the council but it depends as u may have to update your house plan if u are adding any extra plumbing line n electrical services; reasons being this will change original plan lodged with council


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      by all means ask council (but if they say you need consent then you know you are talking to a plonker.)

      Schedule 1 allows moving sanitary fixtures (which includes the pipework) or substitution as long as number is not increased.

      Most councils allow a schedule 1 report to be lodged on property file to allow the new plan to be recognized.

      fuse board should not be too hard but check with electrician (again no consent required as electrical work is self certified by electrician)


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        Thank you, John!