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Sunroom without getting consent

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  • Sunroom without getting consent

    I have a deck area that was consented. It's less than 20m2. I've had to lower it due to excavations. I've cut the stumps already. Now I'm thinking of making it a sunroom open on one side (ie not enclosed, which should avoid needing consent) but I need to raise the height back up or I lose a lot of area in steps. I would need to lay joists on top of joists to get the height needed. I recall someone saying they did this and the inspector had a fit, but there's nothing in the regs saying you can't. The other issue is that the height is just below 1.5 so it needs a railing (if it was a deck), but if I build a wall from twinwall polycarbonate I assume I don't need a railing? How might I build such a wall? I know how to build a normal wall. The twinwall sheets are the perfect length to be run horizontally so will need nogs at least at 1050 and 2100. Just not sure what stud spacing will be required

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    I was told that by adding a roof to a deck it becomes a verandah, and is subject to different rules?
    Not sure.


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      We just walled ours in with second hand French doors and windows and panels of Hardys. . Building inspector didn’t even notice when they came to inspect other work on the house.