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Vinyl cladding over timber weatherboards

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  • Vinyl cladding over timber weatherboards

    Hi, I'm looking to go to auction on a 1960's house in Auckland in a few weeks. It looks like the other 60's homes in the street but its cladding is actually vinyl with a timber grain on it. According to the agent, the original weatherboards are underneath and the current owner bought it like this.

    I've searched the forums and found similar queries about brick veneer cladding over timber and understand that was often for aesthetics (and possibly to cover rotten timber) but this house looks identical to its neighbours so I can't see why they would have done it other than to reduce painting. Has anyone come across a house like this? I know the only way to be 100% of the timber underneath is to remove the cladding but hoping there's some other information I can gather first.

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    Weatherboard maintenance is too much for some so maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    The cladding may put off some buyers so that may work out well for you. If get it what would you do to it?


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