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Kitchen Reno - redesign or kitset?

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  • Kitchen Reno - redesign or kitset?

    Looking at updating the kitchen in OO - would like to get some suggestions. Not planning on making any changes that would require consents.

    It was previously renovated with cheap materials by the previous owner, and starting to fall apart (bench top and cabinet doors started to peel, hinges not holding properly).

    It is a very small kitchen in a 1920 bungalow, with a back door on the same side of the main kitchen wall, hugely limiting the amount of storage space.

    Already open plan but cannot expand further - stopped at where the load bearing beam is, and a big window from there to the end of the dining room.

    Would you recommend paying extra to find a kitchen renovation company and redesign with the intention of increasing the storage space? Or just replace the existing cabinets and bench top? Mum does spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen.

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    HI Kipkip,

    The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a property - and if you want to add value to your property renovating it well will do that.

    For example - you could change the backdoor into a glass door to let in light and then fill in the big window to give grab the wall space for storage. Even if you grabbed some of it - you'd still have a window and more wall space for units. Or instead of just thinking horizontal think vertical....

    Use floor-to-ceiling space - we have just rebuilt our house and to grab lots of storage space we have custom made units that are floor to ceiling - they look fantastic and you've grabbed space you'd not usually think to use.

    I found these images in a search - once your kitchen is clear of everything you can see the area for what it really is and clear design can make it functional and seem a lot larger.

    Personally, I'd suggest doing a good reno on the Kitchen - it will please your mum and add value to the property.

    Click image for larger version

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      Thank you Donna! Having cabinets up to ceiling height sounds like a good idea.

      Do you have any recommendations on the kitchen companies in Auckland?


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        Definitely get a reasonable quality bench top as this takes the most knocks. Generally you would pay more to go through a specialist kitchen company as opposed to eg Mitre 10. I think it would pay to get someone in from the kitchen design section of a Mega Mitre 10 or similar to give you a quote so you've got an idea of cost.