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Repiling going in circles

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  • Repiling going in circles

    Hi Guys

    I'm based in Wellington and would like my 1900s Villa to have a full Repile.

    I engaged an architect and engineer. When sending our drawings and spec sheet to builders we were quoted $100,000 by three different companies!

    Nothing is unusual about our house 108m2 easy access.

    We discovered the engineer over spec the job making every hole 1.2 metres deep and only doing one depth test in the back garden.

    The reaction from all builders is why so deep and we're surprised by the shear volume of soil to move.

    Where do we go from here? We've had a construction company offer to get their engineers involved.

    This job was largely driven by our architect and we have lost faith in his legitimacy as well as the engineer.

    Does anyone have any recommendations builder engineer or draftman in Wellington who has gone through this process?

    Many thanks Fever.

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    Hi FeverPitch,

    We have used Base Consulting - they're national - our engineer is based in Kapiti. I highly recommend Peter. Reasonably priced and a true professional.

    Our house was rebuilt with an extension and we're on a sand dune.

    Peter Bolton CPEng CMEngNZ
    Base Consulting Engineers Ltd


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      Great thank you Donna


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        John Wilson used to be the go to guy for piling in Wellington. He passed the baton to his son, but I believe still consults. The company is called The Foundation Company. We haven't used the company, haven't had the need., but John was highly experienced and a treat to work with.


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          Hmmm your first mistake was engaging an architect! Unless the repiling is part of a refub? You say easy access but what is the height from the bottom of the bearer to ground level? Assume you have about 65 piles being replaced and at 1.2m that means about 12 m3 of soil coming out which expands to 30m3 into about 9 x 4.5m waste bins. That volume of soil would need to be taken out from under the house by a conveyor which we have done before. Very labour intensive. Not sure who is still repiling in Wellington as we get alot of enquiry up here in Auckland from people wanting work done down there. I have seen a QS costing for a repile of a 2 storied 1890's villa with a foot print of 90m3 and the costing was absolutely ridiculous. So OTT it wasn't reasonable.