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Adding a third bedroom - where to start

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  • Adding a third bedroom - where to start

    I am in the planning phases of adding a third bedroom to my investment property in Wellington.

    I am OK with the financial side of it, but need to ask for help on the 'practicalities' of where to start.

    Is it as simple as a trip to the council to see if there are any rules around adding a third bedroom? I suspect my house has some rules and regulations as its over 100 years old and in Newtown, Wellington. Is it just the council who will have these rules and regulations?


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    Your starting point is to get an architect.... he/she will guide you through the initial stages and can even project manage the whole thing for you if you need this.


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      Can anyone recommend a good architect for Wellington who's done this kind of thing before?

      Just an average 2 bedroom workingmans cottage - nothing too flash, so don't need top architect or anything.



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        If it's just a simple add-on and you know what you want, a draughtsman can be a much cheaper way to get plans through council. The draughtsman I'm using was once a builder, so very practical and none of that silly stuff architects can tend to put in.
        I'd recommend him, but I know he's booked up for monthes ahead. Good luck.
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          Personally I would cover off with council about if I need a permit ect then just get a builder to do it.

          If it's a simple non load bearing wall it should cost about $1500 max.

          Think about light switchs and light fittings and also the flooring on each side of the new wall.

          Also think about how the new wall will effect light in each room.

          I've also put in some very permanent looking "Screens" when coucil has refused a new wall.

          If you still want a permitable drawing call Bruce Welsh 92 Yule street Kilbirnie 04 973 7676.




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            Hi Steve,

            I think sarahd is adding a new room, rather than splitting an existing one in two.

            Things to that may trip you up:

            % of section that can be covered with building without needing a resource consent.
            Height to boundary limits
            Site access for building equipment.
            'Bond' to council to cover for potential pavement damage.



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              Take a quick squizz at the district plan. Looks intimidating to start with but print it, read it, and you;dd have the gist pretty quick.

              Hey look at that, Newtown even has it's own section of the plan. http://www.wellington.govt.nz/plans/...ume2/vol2.html

              Check for all those things Cube mentioned. You'll qucikly see if it's going to be a big deal.



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                Newtown has its own section of the district plan, hmm......... most likely you will need a resource consent to do any works. (Similar to Auckland zone 1)

                ie: all work has to be in keeping with the victorian 'style' of the neighbourhood and needs to be approved by the town planners (for a fee of course !)