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Cheap Carpet for Rental in South Auckland

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  • Cheap Carpet for Rental in South Auckland

    Hi There

    I am looking to carpet a couple of my rentals. Can anyone recommend someone with cheap 2nd hand carpet who can install. I used to see a few advertise in the Courier but not recently.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    It is my first time here at PropertyTalk.com

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    Welcome KLOUD9,

    Private message RonHoyFong, he is a master at the great deal department.

    Here is his link http://www.propertytalk.com/forum/member.php?u=5370


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      Laying 2nd hand carpet

      What should I budget for the laying of second hand carpet? Anyone had it done recently? Is it hard to get someone willing to do it?

      To the OP: Try trademe.


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        I can't see that laying 2nd hand carpet would be any different to laying new carpet. I just paid $24 per metre for mine to be laid.



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          Cheap Carpet

          Hi, I'm interested in any responses you get to your message Kloud9 as am looking to recarpet my investment property too.


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            Why second hand evertone? What's wrong with new? I believe that installing anything second hand can be counterproductive in many ways, including money out of your pocket.



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              Second hand carpet

              can be a hazard to lay because it get brittle. Some carpet layers don't like it.


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                Why go cheap and second hand when you can get really good poly carpet from most places .I just had a good size 3 bed with hall ,lounge , dining and entrance done for $2200 laid which has a 5 year guarantee and looks superb.

                Good carpet always gets more rent as it finishs the place off and tennants notice it every time which means less vacancy time.If you have a cheap cheap end rental then perhaphs dont bother but maybe it will swing you $5 -$10 extra a week in better areas.Just dont bther to change the underlay.



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                  I'm with Mark. Much more cost effective in the long term to lay new stuff.
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                    Two ideas that spring to mind.

                    I have recently carpeted a small 3bdrm house for $1,562 through the Carpet and Rug Co. They can do both new and "second hand". NOTE sometimes thier second hand is carpet they have used once for marqee or events then cleaned and can install. I think from memory worked on $30a square carpet and installed. (dont quote me)

                    The other option which my partner has hit on is carpet dying where the carpet is ok but the colour is not. Cant remember the co. but do a google for carpet dying auckland and you will find co.s

                    This is about 20% of the cost of carpet.



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                      Anyone used this service?


                      They reckon you can save up to 70% over replacement with new.

                      Associated with Resene & have some pretty big names for testimonials.

                      I'd be interested to know if anyone here knows much about them.


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                        I put second hand carpet into a new build last year, it cost $168 for a very large houselot of top quality pure wool carpet in a nice neutral beige including underlay. I just used mainly the bedroom pieces and it was like new, no stains or wear. You'd never know it was 15 years old!
                        So it can be done. It cost me all up $1100 including laying & new vinyl in the kitchen.
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