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Enclosed carport questions

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  • Enclosed carport questions

    Hi all, my first post!

    I'm interested in a house for auction in Auckland (Browns Bay, 2 story, 3 bedroom, crosslease - nothing special or unsual in terms of design or construction) which was built in 1985 and had consent, or the 1985 equivalent of consent, for a recessed carport.

    The carport was a recess in the lower story, there is a bedroom and other living space above it.

    Over the years a previous owner has enclosed it with walls and an automatic garage door. There is no consent for this. It is now technically an illegal internal garage.

    Bank wise, insurance wise and even the council are all good with it *providing* the automatic garage door is removed (one permanently open side qualifies it as a carport still). So the garage door is the issue... not the walls?

    For lending/insurance we have had to say our "intentions" are to remove the door if we buy and to save us some money and hassle we have added an amendment on the sale and purchase agreement which requires the vendor to remove the door before settlement and leave it inside the garage.

    If we do indeed win at auction our desire is to put the door back on in the near future.

    Council thinks we would have to follow the whole process of consent, plans, inspections, CCC as if we were building an internal garage from scratch - there has been mention of engineering reports, revising building work... Basically a whole bunch of time and money.
    I suggested a COA on the existing garage as is. Council says that taking the door off and starting from scratch with consent would be easier.


    The carport has been enclosed with the door on for 10 years.

    Maybe I'm naive but this seems crazy for adding a garage door to an already apparently legit carport.

    Some have said just chuck the door on and don't worry and as far as insurance goes, just take personal responsibility to make sure nothing causes a fire that starts in that "illegal" space. They are happy to insure the rest of the house as normal.

    We plan to use it as storage (of non flammables!) not even as a car garage. We just want to keep the enclosed space.

    Anyone with thoughts or advice?

    Much appreciated.

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    A canvas door might be a solution