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Replacing window reveals (MDF) surrounding aluminium frame

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  • Replacing window reveals (MDF) surrounding aluminium frame

    Hi team...

    I have various MDF window reveals in older aluminium framing. Water has got in over the years and they are all bulging and bent near the bottom. Want to replace them with h3 treated pine.

    Is it a big job for a builder to do - to take out the frames, add new reveal and replace? Is it a common repair?

    I'm hoping it will be cheaper than just replacing the aluminium framing altogether

    Any advice and any leads for people to carry out this job in Auckland would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I worked with a builder replacing rotten pine frames around older aluminium windows. It wasn't difficult for him, nor for me after I had witnessed the first one.

    MDF is certainly a poor choice for window sills on a condensating material like aluminium. More recently, I have tried anodised aluminium sills.