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  • Boundary fence

    How close to the boundary line can I put up an internal fence to keep our puppy safe and sound as I’ve chopped down the hedge on our property but the neighbour said he can’t afford to go half’s in a new fence so I am going to build my own fence on my land until he says he can afford to go half’s, cheers Shaun ,, ps thanks for your advice 👍

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    Read about fencing law on the internet. Put the fence on the boundary. I recall that you have to get some quotes, decide which of those you want and then issue him with information about this. I recall that he has to get back to you within a certain time and has the right to have a say in the kind of fence and to submit a lower quote than yours. Do all the right things and he has to pay half. If he genuinely cannot afford it, you could postpone his share of the cost, but get all that in writing. If he doesn't keep to the agreement, take it to the Disputes Tribunal.


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      ^^^ agreed. Better that he owes you money which you "may" get eventually than you never have any money. It will be something you will be able to tell the REA when they go to sell the property.

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        was the hedge on the boundary? did you discuss removal of hedge with him before you cut it down? perhaps he is now unemployed because of the virus