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Moving or adding a toilet (currently in separate non-adjacent room)

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  • Moving or adding a toilet (currently in separate non-adjacent room)

    Hi all,
    We are looking at purchasing a property (FHB but this forum seems pretty knowledgable/longer term this would be a rental - hoping I'm allowed in!)

    Basically, the current bathroom inside the house is relatively small. The toilet is attached to the laundry which you have to step on a concrete pad to get, i.e. not adjacent to the current bathroom at all.

    I have been reading about building consents and what doesn't require a consent. At first I was thinking because one of our options was to move the toilet entirely, this would not require a consent (as we would not be adding to the total number of "sanitary fixtures" or whatever the wording was). But now I am thinking we would require a consent because it would be moving across rooms?
    This is all pretty hypothetical but I am trying to work backwards on what we are happy offering by building in all the costs we would want to get it up to ideal spec and working back from our budget. Trying to understand if I need to budget for consent, and if so how much that would be, would I need to pay to redraw the plans (!? just saw this in a previous post) etc.

    Appreciate any help 😊

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    test of total is to the whole dwelling. You have to use a registered plumber which is a given anyway?

    You dont need consent.


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      Be aware of possible upgrades you will also be required to do to meet current plumbing codes if adding additional plumbing (as opposed to moving within the "same room").
      This may involve hot water cyclinder, tempering valve on hot water supply plus who knows what else. Ask a plumber for an estimate and overview of work that may be required.