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Basement moisture

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  • Basement moisture

    I'm looking at buying a property built into the side of a hill and it has a basement with potential living area. The floor level is about 1.4m below ground level. The old block wall and foundations have been underpinned with concrete.

    There is no evidence of flooding but I suspect there is a bit of moisture. How much moisture is too much?
    What is required to bring it up to standard? I would think excavation around the walls and a waterproof membrane? Or more concrete which slopes away from the house as it goes down?

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    I had a similar property i did exactly what you said. Excavated the soil, applied water proofing, lay drain pipe to divert the water, and then fill with gravel.
    Additionally I installed a high window on the side so that there was an air flow through to the other side. The Gib I lined the inside blocks I had separated by battens.
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      I own a house as described as well.
      The basement level had higher moisture levels, sometimes damp corners. Excavating the hillside wasn’t an option.
      I drained the hill side for diverting and reducing the water flow. In addition I ventilate time controlled the access for pipes (plumbing) facing the hillside.
      Since making these changes – no problems for more than 20 years.


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        Similar situation to klauster above but in my case i had a professional water proofing and tiler come in. They use a special epoxy like substance applied to the internal wall exposed to the soil and entire floor area, then lay tiles on top. No further moisture ingress has been noticed.