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Work area with sink.

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  • Work area with sink.

    I am considering adding a small work bench downstairs with a sink and electrical sockets. No cooking so no hob or rangehood. Not aa kitchen just a small area for my convenience guest downstairs without trying to use the small washbasin in bathroom for washing everything.. Will this need consent? I will of course use licensed plumber, sparkles.TIA.

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    if you can move a sanitary fixture from somewhere else on the property and not increase the total then no consent required.
    after you could get a schedule 1 report lodged on the property file?

    What does the property file show and who will know the current number?? Your problem is the consent will cost more that the sink?


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      It would in Christchurch. We wanted a sink for an art studio in our extension and they disallowed it as they said it could be used a a kitchen and it made it an additional dwelling which needed resource consent and development contribution. Even though to access this separate dwelling you would have to go up stairs through the middle of the house as there was no other access!

      In the end the we convinced them to allow a laundry tub there and put a laundry bench which happened to be just the same as a kitchen bench, which they are these days!