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Checking for old building consents?

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  • Checking for old building consents?

    Hello All,

    I have a house that was built on poles at one end, with a ranchslider on that end, but no decking. That end is about 3 meters high, so a decking would require building consent to be built.

    I've just called the Auckland council about an expired CCC for some work I'm having done under the house and they asked if this work was for "Decking, retaining wall and concrete slab"
    The work I'm having done (and have consent for) is turning the bottom of my house into a garage, which would include a retaining wall, but has no mention of a decking at all and I'm wondering if a previous owner went through consent for a decking, but didn't start the work.

    I asked the person I was speaking to about the decking, but she said it was just the description of the work. The actual description is "Reconstructing the base of the house into a garage"

    Can anyone tell me how I'd find out if an old building consent for the desk was ever granted? The house was built in 1991, so it could have been 25 years ago for all I know, so it might be a paper record?

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    It should be on the council property file. You can go either go in and view it or ask for a copy (there may be a charge).


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      Get the property file and read it carefully. The house only has a 'permit' as pre 1992? Consent implies post 1992 and building act. If work wasnt done consent can be cancelled and this tidies up your LIM. The “decking” could be garage timber “car deck”?


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        Thanks for the replies.

        When I had the plans for the garage printed by the council it showed a timber retaining wall, which I don't have.
        I have a bank with some small concrete slabs leaning against it, kind of a retaining wall I guess, but the bank is 2 meters high and the concrete slabs are small enough that I could move them around by hand if I wanted to, so I don't think it's a retaining wall, so when the council said "Decking, retaining wall and concrete slab" it's possible they were talking about 3 different jobs.

        I've sent them a message with their online form, so I'm waiting to hear back from them now.


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          you need to get the file and understand your own prioperty Council cannot relate the file to your property only you can do that