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Underfloor Foil Insulation Removal

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    The foil draped and would most certainly bunch up if you put batts or similar on top of it.
    it doesnt matter that foil bunches but it needs an air space which the batt provides. The small air gap above the foil also increases efficiency as it creates another insulation space


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      This is what it currently looks like, our building inspector guy said its like that all over, possible due to the reno when re-plumbing and rewiring so its not doing its job at the moment to keep heat in


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        Also what is everyone's opinion on the type of underfloor insulation?
        Expol kind of material or PinkBats/Greenstuff?


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          Personally not keen on Expol - it cant be in contact with PVC wiring and generally polystyrene burns quite well.. Never used pinkbatts underfloor before, but the ceiling and wall types tends to sag over time. I do like greenstuf - it doesnt itch your skin or throat when installing it. Also a fan of Mammoth medium density underfloor insulation - it fits snug, so no need for staples, straps etc.


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            the ban only applies to repair and installation. Foil to rigid panels is of as staples not used to fix.

            It is a silly ban really...this is the first time that the provision was used and frankly is more about stopping idiot installers than the actual method (the provision is supposed to protect buildings from poor methods rather than the idiots

            polystyrene is not considered combustible as it self extinguishes when removed from fire source