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Change to original building consent

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  • John the builder
    a minor variation is meant to be an informal approval. Just provide the plan indication the changes? Can you do this? Council wont be too hard on this? Owners signature makes sure that builder is doing something unapproved by you? But do thgese things as the CCC is good to have.

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  • Ng043
    started a topic Change to original building consent

    Change to original building consent

    We have submitted the application for CCC for our newly added area. It contains bathroom and toilet and WIR in the original building consent. But we changed the WIR slight to included a laundry sink for the washing machine. Council is asking for support document and completion of form AC2131 on-site application for minor variations to approved plan. I am not sure what sort of support document do I need to submit? Anyone got any idea?

    And the form also have 3 tick boxes, I am not sure which one to tick.
    - two copies of plans must be accompany application (must be handed to inspector for inspection to proceeded)
    - a certificate of design work is not required for minor variations
    - variations must be agree by the owner

    Thank you so much in advance.