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Hot water pumps - anyone have one?

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  • Hot water pumps - anyone have one?

    I'm looking at installing an booster pump to increase pressure of hot water for shower.

    Has anyone tried one of these?

    They sound good from the marketing, but most stuff does.

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    We have one in a property that came with purchase. So I have no idea how old it is but we've not had any issues with it in the 5 years we've owned the property.

    i haven't tested the performance but have had no water pressure complaints from the tenants.


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      One of our properties had one when we bought it. The tenants said it improved things when it was put in. It makes a weird noise though when the hot tap runs.


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        I've fitted 5 Taifu 120w units (from TopMarq) into rentals over the last 3 years, yes they are still all going well. Taifu pumps are a great cost effective option rather than a full upgrade to a high pressure cylinder and the associated plumbing work.
        Three things one needs to do when fitting:
        1. Fit a non-return valve post the water switch on the pump.
        2. Buy an adjustable water switch (Ebay approx $25 delivered, reason the Taifu switch that comes with the pump are tricky to get set correct)
        3. Mount on a rubber or similar base to minimise noise. In general they are quiet.


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          I'll second that. I've used Taifu booster pumps also. they work well.
          Only had two issues:

          1. The pump moves a lot of water, if you have a header tank on the roof the pump might suck it dry faster than the ballcock fills the tank. then it gets an airlock in the lines and you have to prime the damn thing again. So if you install one check to see if the header tank level falls when it's running. if it does install a second ballcock into the header thank. Solved the problem for me.

          2. The extra pressure from the hot circuit often pushes hot water back into the cold side of some shower mixers, so you only get hot water in the shower. only happens on low pressure systems and not on unequal pressure systems. If you've got mains pressure on the cold side don't worry about it.