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Help! Ugly plaster walls making my fiance angry!

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  • Help! Ugly plaster walls making my fiance angry!

    Hi all!

    Hoping for a little bit of renovation advice from you fine people

    I've just bought a place and it's got horrible textured walls throughout the corridors. Thankfully the bedrooms don't have it.
    Has anyone tried to remove this kind of texture before, or do you have any advice on the easiest/cheapest ways to do it?

    I know one option is to completely replace the walls with new gib, and then gib-stop it. Any other options that might be a bit cheaper? All ideas welcome!

    Check out the 3 images I've uploaded by following these links:

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    2 choices.... replace gib or stop over it, sanding it wouldnt be a good idea as it probably has asbestos in it


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      Replace the gib.

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        It will be back in fashion before you know it. Why not paint it with a modern colour. It looks really bad due to the colour though I'm not seeing it in context to the carpet etc. Just seems like a lot of work to remove etc if you could get away with a great colour etc. In saying this if you're renovating the lot - painting ceiling, updating carpet etc then yes why not rip out and start over.


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          Get it asbestos tested. Do not drill into it or try and rip it out without testing first or you will contaminate your whole house.


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            Looks like you've bought one of my houses, which is funny, 'cos it wasn't for sale!

            Good question, though. I've reached the conclusion that rip it out and start again is the only option. Tried painting over the textured ceiling and the paint just peeled off again after a couple of years, especially near the light.

            Now I'm just bracing for the quotes to do it, when the long-term tenant finally moves on.


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              Hi, I have been asked to skimcoat over these many times. To be honest, its quicker and possibly cheaper in many cases to have it all removed and have fresh plasterboard installed.

              If that texture is on the ceiling at all get it tested for asbestos. Unlikely to have it on the walls though.

              If you haven't already found somebody to quote on it try looking on licensed.nz