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Fully Developed Section on Soft soil

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  • Fully Developed Section on Soft soil

    Hi All,

    I have a got an opportunity to buy a land in Takanini area. However, the twist is that the land is soft land based on peat soil, the land is moderate to highly sensitive towards settlement. The shear strength of the soil is very less. The area is developed by developer the information is obtained from geo-tech report and my personal visit also confirms the nature of the soil. I am worried about the stability of new build and foundation issues.

    Please guide me what should I do it is in due diligence process. This is my first time. Any advice from a builder or experienced person will be appreciated.


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    Talk to a builder in Christchurch.

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      I have built in Takanini, some little factory units.

      You just have to put piles down mate. So it adds a bit, but it's not undoable or anything.
      Squadly dinky do!


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        talk to a structural engineer familiar with the area. It isnt a biggie


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          Keys, Davo 36 and John the builder thank you so much all.

          Guys, from your experience:
          1) How much is the normal foundation cost for the 85m2 house?
          2)Does this situation require extra cost?
          3)If yes how much extra I will pay for the foundation as compared to the normal soil(just approximate).

          Last but not least very important what due diligence I can do on the newly developed section when the title is not even issued? what documents should I review other than S&P agreement and covenant terms ( lawyer will review it for any hidden).

          Thank you all in advance!!!

          Best regards,


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            ask the engineer?

            It depends on the solution

            Likly the land value refl;ects the greater cost. Papakura is full of this soil type as well?


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              Put a sundown clause in the S&P agreement. If the title does not get transferred into your name by DD/MM/YYYY then the contract is voidable by you.

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                but you dont settle before title?

                Get the right to apply for consent on the parent title before title is granted so that you get a jump on the process of consents andetc before title is ready and before money is settled/expended?


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                  No settlement prior to the title.

                  Does anyone know what is Auckland median household income?