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Warm house. Cool landlord

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  • Warm house. Cool landlord

    I hope they change the wording. Cool landlord...? Is this genuine compliment or condescending?
    I think I feel at the moment a bit cynical about some tenants after having had a bad experience and it seems I got into another problematic tenant. So, I am a bit paranoid about some 'tenants' and that is why I may be feeling a bit uncomfortable of this wording.
    By the say, my old tenant never showed me the community service card that she said she had. She said she would arrange the insulation, but never did. The new one now also says her community service card will be posted soon. When is soon? It seems the word 'soon' does not have any limit.
    I would like to have the insulation done soon, but my tenants were/are too cool.

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    Get quotes from installers who don't offer the 'grant subsidy' you might find it cheaper than those who offer discounts where tenants have community services cards.


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      I have heard that many times it is effectively the same or even cheaper to go direct. It is certainly faster.
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        I have received 4 quotes, 3 came to measure and one just over the phone, all three gave similar price with 50%. The last one that does not offer the subsidy (50%) was about $1,000 more expensive. But, I had only one company's quote without subsidy, so maybe others offer better price.


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          Check out this article it has great tips for selecting an insulation installer - in fact the tips did come from a PropertyTalk user and I also shared my own experience in a discussion.


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