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New bathroom - approx cost

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  • New bathroom - approx cost

    Hi All

    I'm currently in the process of getting some quotes to install a second bathroom in our primary residence. It's a two level house, and we want the upstairs study to be converted. Its a smallish space (2x2). We're going for a shower, vanity and toilet.

    We've been told we won't be getting much change out of 15k.

    Does this sound right to those of you that have had this sort of thing done before? Keep in mind this is a brand new bathroom - not a remodel.

    Dont have an EXACT quote as yet since we're still in the feasibility part of this to see if it will be practical to do so.

    Additionally, what sorts of costs (and steps) am I needing to get this properly consented? I'd like to keep it all legal for insurance and peace of mind. I understand a new bathroom has some red tape around it whereas a refit does not.


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    you see this piece of string im holding.......how long is it?...........i would say at least 15k, as for council robbery not sure


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      Will also depend on certain things i.e. is there plumbing lines that can be easily accessed to connect water and sewage? Normally i would think $10k-15k for a average bathroom refurb. Your council cost will be on top of that.


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        Starting prices I'd estimate 10k for the fit out, complete wet area, basic - medium fittings. Plumbing in water and waste could be a decent amount depending on location. Council red tape could be any number. If your after gold taps then it could be a small amount more


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          For a rental you could do it for 6 to 8K. For your own home easily double that.


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            I know this might be not the truest comparison but from The Block's episodes last week (Bathroom week), their total cost varied between $15k to $20k and that was for a completely new bathroom and I'm sure highly charging tradies. I would say spending $15k on a bathroom for a rental is excessive.
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              I am also about to go through the same process converting a small spare bedroom into a bathroom. Are you getting an architect to design and the submit to the council yourself? Or will you get a company to manage the entire process?


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                Here are the council costs. It looks like they will charge you in total about $3K


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                  Google "Auckland council building consent fees" and you will find that for a project costs up $20K the fees will be about $3K.