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Topliss Shower head removal?

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  • Topliss Shower head removal?

    Hi - I am keen to remove this Topliss standard showerhead from one of my properties to replace it with a male standard fitting.

    Enter "https:" first, then "//drive.google.com/file/d/0ByByScxIuLjhN0h5Zks1R1REZG8/view?usp=sharing"

    Has anyone done this? It appears the fitting may have a standard-size male thread at the end of it - this would leave a standard-size female fitting once removed. I figure then I would need to fit a male-to-male adapter so that I am left with a male standard fitting that I can fit the new showerhead onto.

    Is it a case of just twisting the head off with a plumbers wrench? I understand that the disc/collar is part of the entire fitting

    Cheers for any replies!

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    yes, just unscrew it. the collar is separate to the shower head, you may want to use it for the new one.
    As you say, you will be left with a standard 1/2 " female socket into which you can screw a 1/2" nipple if you need a male for the new head to fit onto, or screw the new head straight into the socket if it has a male thread,
    Be sure to use thread seal tape or hemp, you don't want the joint dripping down the inside of the wall.

    If you fit a nipple try to find one that has a wide end, ie smaller diameter inside.
    The wider edge allows a flexible hose sealing washer to have a decent sized edge to seal on, should you choose to install a hand held shower instead of a fixed head.
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      Excellent - thanks KeithW - great advice - I will get onto it now. Si