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When is a subdivision not a subdivision?

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  • When is a subdivision not a subdivision?

    Hi, I own a property which has a Certificate of Title made up of several Certificates of Title. It was originally created by combining 4 certificates of title on one Certificate of title into 1 Certificate of Title for 2 separate sections (so 2 lots of 4 for the 2 sections). When the house on the second section was destroyed by fire the owners of the first section purchased the land and combined the two titles into 1. I now want to separate the two sections and titles back, but the council tells me it is a subdivision, which involve surveying etc. I feel that is unnecessary as it seems more a matter of paperwork than anything else - can someone advise me - happy to supply Certificate of Title if that helps - quite confused by the process, and in contradiction to what another planner told me two years ago! Thx

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    ....are the original "survey pegs" still physically visible for the original 2 Lots of 4 ? ...That might be a starting point.


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      Hi, no the survey pegs are long gone. The original sites were small gold mining plots from circa 1860's. Property 1 had a hotel on one of the sites. Mentioned in the Luminaries if you've read it .
      A new building was built in 1908 where the hotel was. We had to resurvey the boundary between that site and a neighbours around 8 years ago, so there is a new peg, which marks the boundary between both the neighbours and one side of the divide between the 2 lots of 4. We think the properties were merged between 1860s and 1930's. We don't know when the 2 lots of 4 were merged together, but the house that burned down was built circa 1930 and we understood it burnt down in the 70's.


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        I'd talk to a surveyor, they do this sort of thing all the time.

        They will be able to advise what needs to be done and give a price too.
        Squadly dinky do!


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          Totally agree Davo36....