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Insulation of rental property in Wellington

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  • Insulation of rental property in Wellington

    Hi folks - we are considering renewing the existing ceiling insulation of our rental property in the Hutt Valley. At the same time we are attempting to review the feasibility of installing underfloor insulation.

    When considering this previously we've always been given to understand that it would not be possible to do underfloor insulation due to limited space beneath the floor. We requested an assessment from EnergySmart who have provided a quotation including the installation of Terra Lana UFL R1.4 underfloor with little explanation as to how access would be gained other than a comment that as property owner we need to arrange access to the underfloor.

    Has anyone had experience with EnergySmart please? Also - positive / negative experiences of insulation installers / specialists please.

    thanks in advance - cheers Oaters

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    I had new ceiling insulation installed into 3 units, by EnergySmart in the Wairarapa last January.
    Their rep visited the site and visually inspected access points and the roof cavity and we went through the products available which he had samples of in his car.
    The quote was very competitive, in fact when I priced out doing the job myself (same product from local Mitre10) I think it worked out only about $100 per unit cheaper to do it myself. Was that worth crawling around a roof in January in the Wairarapa...no chance lol.
    A team of 4 installers came and knocked the job out pretty quickly.

    As an aside, the celing tiles for all 3 units are hard to source, so we agreed on full replacement if any of the installers put their foot through. I paid for extra time allowed on the job, so the installers weren't rushing to complete which is when mistakes are most likely to happen.
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      thanks revdev for your helpful response - cheers Oaters


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        Contact Dave at D-Fluff Insulation, he has won every tender we have tried him on and is now our preferred supplier - 0212667813